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The CAA and NATS have worked collaboratively with all stakeholders to support the implementation of aeronautical data quality requirements (ADQ) in the UK. One of the key requirements is the establishment of formal arrangements between parties involved in the provision of aeronautical information and data to AIS. Using Accountable Manager information supplied by the CAA, in conjunction with the AIP sponsor list, Authorised Sources have been identified as the person responsible for an organisation's/department's AIP data and are required sign the formal arrangements on behalf of their organisation/department.

Below is a template of the formal arrangement with a letter explaining the process. This needs to be signed and returned preferably by scanning and emailing it to or by posting it to the address contained on the letter head. Prompt action will ensure your organisation will have access to the system.   

Formal Arrangment Template

Below is a form which allows you to record other persons and 3rd parties that you may wish to nominate to act on your behalf as an AIP Change Sponsor. Please ensure you have permission to provide nominee's data before completing and returning the form.

An Authorised Source can at any point nominate a primary sponsor to manage further nominees on behalf of themselves and their company.  This instruction must come from the Authorised Source to AIM either in writing or in email. The primary sponsor may then further nominate sponsors on behalf of the Authorised Source and becomes responsible for keeping this information up to date.

An Authorised Source can nominate multiple primary sponsors to suit their operation; this could allow management of internal sponsors under one primary sponsor and external sponsors (3rd parties) under another primary sponsor.

Formal Arrangement Presentation

However, all nominations shall operate under the formal arrangement which remains the accountability of the Authorised Source.

Sponsor Register

If you have any questions about the formal arrangements process please contact AIS using the address.  Further general information regarding EC73/2010 (ADQ) relating to formal arrangements, the aerodrome oversight programme, additional survey guidance material and Data Originators Portal is also available on the CAA website.