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Please find below a list of FAQs designed to address matters concerning the implementation of the ADQ compliant UK AIP and the AIS portal designed to replace the AIP Change request Process.






What information should be inserted into the title?

A brief summary of the nature of the change


Could an approved data originator see what changes are being worked on by someone else in the authorised group?

Currently, you are only able to see changes that you originated yourself. There is a planned enhancement to allow users within a group to see their respective change requests.


What happens with emails when a task is re-assigned to different originator?

No emails are automatically sent when a task is re-assigned at this point. Please ensure other users are made aware when tasks are assigned to them.


When acting on behalf of airport as surveyor, can they re-assign tasks between themselves?

Tasks can be re-assigned to other users within those organisations that have the right permissions.


Is there a limit to number of identified sponsors?

No limit (but this needs to be manageable)


Can you provide a drop down list for AIRAC cycle deadline dates?

The AIS publication schedule will remain available on the AIS website. Cut off dates are shown within the cycle selection drop down menu.


How would you enter in a crane at the AD which is beyond 90 days period? SUP or AIP PERM change - and what data will be required?

Depending on the circumstances, this can be done as an AIP entry or a SUP.  AIS can advise on the best publication method on a case by case basis.


What is the maximum number of characters in a change text box?

4000 characters.


It would be beneficial to have work flows available for printing as quick reference/ best practice guides

Simplified versions of the Change Request workflow will be included in the guidance materials.


Can you turn off email notifications to those who do not need them?

No, this is determined by the workflow and is not user configurable.



Can you ensure that common terms are applied throughout the process e.g. Update vs Save?

Feedback has been passed to the software developers.


Can you change the date formats YYMMDD vs DDMMYY?


Yes, date formats can be changed within 'User Preferences'


How can you change views e.g. add, remove columns?

New views can be created by selecting 'Column Visibility Options' and then saving 'My Views'. This will be documented in user guidance material.


A clearer view of where the change is in the process would be beneficial

You can check the progress of a change request by selecting a CR from the Change Request menu, and looking at the 'Process task list'. This will show where what task is within the, as well as task status (e.g. 'Running').


Where do the email notifications go? Individuals or group?

Emails are sent to individuals not groups.


Does Tasks status "ended" change to "complete" once the change has been published?

No, finished tasks and processes (CR) will remain as status 'ended'.


Can we have access to the demo system?

Contact AIS to request early access to either the test or live production portal.



How do you search for a frequency e.g. 118.5

Use the 'Full text search' to find data values throughout the AIP. Note that values contained within textual data require searching separately using the attribute 'R&P'. This will be further documented in user guidance materials.


A prompt would help when loading bulk metadata. Notably, everything submitted is defaulted as ‘compliant' and you have to change it to ‘non-compliant' if that is the case

This is still in discussion with the CAA. Guidance will be updated once known.


Without zipping files the current ACR system is limited to 4 file attachments. What is the Aurora limitation?

There is no limit on number. The size is 2GB, but depends on connection speed. It has to be uploaded till the operation is time-out.


What is the ‘evidence number' used for?

It is the CAA Case Officer allocated number used as part of the Airspace Change process


Can you search against the specific AD rather than the whole AIP?

The function 'full text search' searches the full AIP content. However, a manual CTRL+F can be used within the PDF AIP to search within the section.


What is the difference between a Warning vs Error? A description of the difference is required including expected actions.

Errors are mandatory fields or rules that must be satisfied in order to continue. Warnings are business rule violations that should be noted by the data originator and fixed where possible.  However, action on warnings is recommended, not mandatory.


The ‘Create' button is buried in the tool bar – would it be better to be more prominent?

Feedback has been passed to the software developers.


When you have a frequency change that affects other parts of the AIP (e.g. ENR LARS) can the search function identify what parts of the AIP are affected?

Yes, use the 'Full text search' to identify where other parts of the AIP may be affected. Note that values contained within textual data require searching separately using attribute 'R&P'. This will be further documented in user guidance materials.


What happens when you change an AD frequency in the En-route section when you are not the authorised source?

You may only change data for which you are the authorised source. AIS will assist in liaising with other sponsors as required.


How can I submit changes to Charts

Draft charts, supporting drawings. Minor changes can be done by annotation using the portal


How do I add new data?

For new Aeronautical Data features (such as obstacles/Navaid/services) please attach supporting documentation e.g. survey data, indicating the records to be added and instruct AIS to add the data in your CR description. AIS will complete these changes using the survey files and will send you a draft for approval.


How should attachments be added?

All file types can be attached as supporting documentation/evidence. Files for processing (e.g. Survey files) must be supplied as a zip to satisfy ADQ/CAA requirements.