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AIP Products

The UK Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) website ( remains the authoritative source for all UK AIS Products. 

Below are contingency versions of the UK AIS Products should the authoritative AIP source become unavailable.


UK AIP PAMS List - Published AIP Management System - makes available an electronic library for storage and retrieval of aeronautical documents, including maps and charts in PDF.

by amending the "Effective On" value, historic and future documents can be viewed.

UK eAIP - The electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (eAIP) is designed to enable the harmonised visualisation of the contents of the AIP through an HTML browser with the capability to generate a single page, section, multiple selections or full product PDF.

The current version is available at, amending the date in the URL also allows the user to look at historic versions of the eAIP for certain dates as well as any published future versions. 

Example URL


Additional Fun Products

The products below are representative of the potential AIP digital products and may be used to overlay the authoritative AIP source, AIM will endeavour to maintain these products in line with the authoritative AIP source, however cannot guarantee this will always be the case as not all of these products are part of the AIS licensed obligations, and are currently only produced when resource is available. These products do not replace the authoritative source and MUST NOT be used for commercial purposes or resale and are subject to the terms and conditions of this website.


Files correct for AIRAC 09/2018 - Updates will be provided Appx Dec 2019

AIP Google Earth 3d

AIP Google Earth 2d

Google Earth File Read Me