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M 071/2021

Effective 26 AUG 2021

11 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2021

The Aero Club Leeds East Air Race will be held at Leeds East, Yorkshire, between 11 and 12 September 2021. A number of aircraft will be involved in carrying out high-energy manoeuvres; therefore, the Secretary of State for Transport has decided that it is necessary to introduce the following Restriction of Flying Regulations under Article 239 of the Air Navigation Order 2016.
Subject to paragraph 3, between 0800 HRS and 1600 HRS on 11 and 12 September 2021, no aircraft is to fly below 2000 FT AMSL within the area bounded by straight lines joining successively the following points:
  1. 535045N 0011622W;

  2. 535504N 0010513W;

  3. 535215N 0010310W;

  4. 534832N 0010506W;

  5. 534843N 0011514W; and

  6. 535045N 0011622W.

Paragraph 2 does not apply to any aircraft:
  1. Operating with the permission of Leeds East Aerodrome air-ground service whilst in the Leeds East local flying area.

  2. Operating with the permission of the Royal Aero Club Records, Racing and Rally Association Clerk of the Course.

The times mentioned in paragraph 2 are Universal Co-ordinated Time (UTC), which is one hour behind British Summer Time.
In relation to the permission mentioned in paragraph 3a, the Leeds East air-ground service can be contacted via Fenton Radio on 126.505 MHZ.
In relation to the permission mentioned in paragraph 3b, the Royal Aero Club Records, Racing and Rally Association Clerk of the Course may be contacted as notified.
Further enquiries of Airspace Restrictions and the Civil Aviation Authority can be made to Mr S J Maxted, Airspace Regulator, Safety and Airspace Regulation Group at 03301-383216.
Details of Restricted Airspace feature in the daily AIS Information Line message 08085-354802 and 01489-887515 and will be included on the Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) through the AIS Website at