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M 060/2021

Effective 01 JUL 2021

  Duxford Aerodrome Airshows 24 - 25 July 2021 and 17 - 19 September 2021

Unfortunately, IWM (Imperial War Museums) Duxford is not accepting visiting GA aircraft for Airshows this year.

The following guidance has been compiled to promote safe flying to/from Duxford on Airshow days for participating aircraft on the 24 - 25 July and 17-19 of September and to avoid infringement of CAS and surrounding aerodromes.

Please read the following carefully.

1 — General

1.1 Pilots shall PPR with Duxford ATSU via email, unless assistance via telephone is required.

Email: and include: requested time of arrival, aircraft registration/call sign, aircraft type, number of persons on board, departure Airfield when you intend to depart.

Tel: 01223-833376.

1.2 The pilot in command is responsible for flying in accordance with normal safe operating practice within the privileges of their licence. No IWM Duxford Personnel accept liability for any damage, injury or accident whilst following these procedures, nor for any legal action resulting from doing so.
1.3 Duxford is surrounded by several noise sensitive areas: do not fly over any villages or habitation in the vicinity of the airfield.
1.4 Telephone AIS Free phone 01489-887515 (H24) to check for short notice airspace restrictions and visit for NOTAM briefing.

2 — Local Airspace Information and Services Available

2.1 All flights must be conducted under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).
2.2 Duxford has no navigational aids or lighting. The aerodrome authority reserves the right to close the aerodrome in adverse weather conditions and when cloud base is below 500 FT QFE and/or visibility less than 1500 M.
2.3 It is strongly recommended that appropriate contact with Farnborough LARS is made on 132.800 Mhz and/or Cambridge Approach/Radar 120.965 MHz keeping a good lookout at all times.
2.4 There is Class D airspace 2.5 NM south of Duxford. Pilots are to exercise caution when navigating adjacent to Stansted CAS and the Transponder Mandatory Zone (TMZ) to avoid infringing. Entry into class D airspace under VFR is permitted ONLY with clearance from the appropriate controlling authority.
2.5 Cambridge Aerodrome is 7 NM north of Duxford, caution the ATZ and associated approaches if routing to/from the north.
2.6 Fowlmere Airfield is a busy GA airfield 3 NM west of Duxford. Circuits at Fowlmere are conducted to the north of Runway 07/25 to deconflict with Duxford circuit traffic.
2.7 If lost or uncertain of position, contact London Centre on 121.500 MHz.

Note: Pilots should be aware of: Linton Zoo (Birds of Prey up to 2500 FT), the levels of nearby CAS, the gas venting site inside Duxford ATZ, Thriplow and Duxford village, Gransden Lodge Gliding Site with cable launches and aero-tows.


3 — Arrival Procedures

3.1 It is recommended to make initial contact with Duxford Information 122.080 Mhz when you are 10 NM out.
3.2 There are NO OVERHEAD, DEADSIDE OR CROSSWIND JOINS. Pilots can expect to position downwind in the southerly circuit and are responsible for their own spacing and ‘Go Around’ if the runway is occupied.
3.3 The grass and hard runways are to be treated as one runway and are not available for simultaneous operation or ‘Land after’ clearance procedures.

The grass runway is used for commercial pleasure flying, which operate from the south-western side of the aerodrome, and aircraft participating in the Flying Display.

3.4 The northerly circuit may be in use by high performance aircraft and commercial aircraft.
3.5  Run and Breaks are only permitted by warbirds. The pass shall be flown not below 500 FT, wings level at a moderate speed.
3.6 Large passenger aircraft will vacate the paved runway via Holding Point E or D and comply with FISO taxi instructions to park to disembark passengers.
3.7 When the flight line walk is open to the public all aircraft shall taxi to the south of the Flight line on the grass remaining north of the grass runway.

4 — Aircraft Parking

4.1 Aircraft participating in the Flying Display park on the eastern apron and on the grass area north of the grass runway.
4.2 Aircraft arriving when the flight line walk is open to the public and intend to park on the flight line located on the grass area north of the grass runway, are to shut down at 90° to the flight line and will be hand towed into position.

5 — Fuel

5.1 Avgas and Jet A1 provided by fuel bowsers.

6 — Duxford RFFS and Safety

6.1 Rescue and Fire Fighting Equipment will be to RFF Category 5. For more information contact the SAFO 01223-499331.
6.2 In the event of a serious incident on the runway or aerodrome or when RFFS is Category 0, Duxford Aerodrome will close until safe operation can resume. Pilots should ensure that they have sufficient fuel for a delayed arrival or diversion.
6.3 Pilots are reminded that it is their responsibility for the safety and security of their aircraft and contents at all times. IWM Duxford cannot accept responsibility for any lost or stolen property, or damage to your aircraft. It is advised that a tie down kit be brought in case of an enforced stay or strong winds.

7 — Weather

7.1 IWM Duxford is not equipped for official Met Observations (METARs), therefore no TAF will be available for the Airfield. Weather briefs should be based on the Cambridge (EGSC) and Stansted (EGSS) TAF. Unofficial weather observations and Airfield Information can be obtained from Duxford FIS from 0700 (0800).

8 — Weather

8.1 Pilots must email their GAR Form ( to border force/customs prior to arrival to and

Email for Jet aircraft

Additional Email for aircraft arriving from the Common Travel area

8.2 Aircraft arriving from an EU airport outside the UK will need to give at least 4 HRS notice. All other arrivals/departures must comply with the regulations as published, obtainable from UK Border Control.
8.3 If you are travelling on a Non-EU Passport please also complete the Immigration Clearance Form ( and email it to

9 — Flight Planning

9.1 Pilots should file outbound flight plans on or before their arrival.

10 — Departures

10.1 Book out with Duxford ATSU if you intend to depart on the morning of an Airshow before the Flying Display.
10.2 No departures or access Airside will be permitted during the display unless coordinated with the Flying Display Director (FDD). Pilots should make allowances for the Airshow to over-run.
10.3 Aircraft requiring joining instructions for controlled airspace within 10 minutes of departure from Duxford Aerodrome should notify Duxford Information 122.080 Mhz 10 minutes prior to departure.
10.4 Duxford Information will issue airfield information and taxi instructions and will transmit to EACH departing aircraft the standard “Take off at your discretion” as appropriate.
10.5 Departing traffic from:

Runway 24 - no right turn until 5 NM.

Runway 06 - climb straight ahead for 2 NM before turning.

Note: Aircraft intending to route to the North of Duxford are strongly advised to contact Cambridge APP/RAD due to Cambridge Airport operations.

10.6 Departing aircraft shall advise when leaving the Duxford Information frequency.