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AIC for United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service


Y 015/2021

Effective 08 APR 2021


1 — Introduction

1.1 Ex STRIKE WARRIOR is a 3-week, large scale military multinational maritime, land and air exercise. The last 2 weeks of Ex STRIKE WARRIOR includes Ex JW 211.
1.2 STRIKE WARRIOR will take place between Saturday 01 May to Thursday 20 May 2021.
1.3 Ex JW 211 will take place between Saturday 08 May to Thursday 20 May 2021.
1.4 Intense aerial activity will be notified via NOTAM and take place predominantly in Scotland (including, but not limited to, the Western Isles, North West Approaches, Galloway, East Coast and the Borders region), North East England (including Spadeadam EWTR), South West England (including Chivenor), South Wales (including South West approaches and Sennybridge Training Area (SENTA)), and over the North Sea.
1.5 Aircraft will engage in high-energy combat manoeuvres and may be unable to comply with the Rules of the Air.

2 — General Activity

2.1 The Exercise will incorporate maritime, land and air operations, involving formations of aircraft in tactical packages. Up to 60 aircraft may take part simultaneously. Aircraft will operate, launch and recover from military ships and various military/civilian aerodromes in the U.K.
2.2 Air-to-Air Refuelling, Maritime Patrol, Electronic Warfare (EW), Airborne Early Warning, Tactical Air Transport, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Fast Jet and Rotary Wing aircraft will all operate in support of the Exercise. Surface to Surface, Air to Surface and Surface to Air weaponry, Air to Air tactics training, target towing, electronic warfare measures, dispensing of chaff and firing of illuminates will also take place.

3 — Airspace Restrictions and Reservations

3.1 Within the Scottish FIR/UIR, 3 areas known as Fast Jet Areas (FJAs) exist, extending from the surface to FL 550; these areas will be notified by NOTAM. When activated, the FJAs will be afforded the segregated status of Special Use Airspace between FL 245 and FL 550. Intense aerial activity can be expected with large formations of fast jet attack aircraft conducting high energy evasive manoeuvres against opposing air defence aircraft. Below FL 245 the FJAs do not hold segregated status; however, civilian aircraft are advised that if they proceed into the FJAs when active they should expect intense aerial activity with aircraft which may not be able to comply with Rules of the Air. The dimensions of the FJAs are as follows:
3.1.1 FJA North. 594000N 0013000W - 591000N 0010000W - 580215N 0000948E - 574700N 0010000W - 574000N 0013100W - 574000N 0025821W - 581920N 0055243W - 595000N 0060149W - 594000N 0013000W. Surface to FL 550.
3.1.2 FJA South. 575900N 0065200W - 574600N 0061000W - 563500N 0052200W - 560600N 0063000W - 561000N 0065400W - 564200N 0081500W - 575000N 0081500W - 575900N 0065200W. Surface to FL 550.
3.1.3 FJA South East. 575600N 0072000W - 575900N 0065200W - 574600N 0061000W - 563500N 0052200W - 560600N 0063000W - 561000N 0065400W - 562028N 0072000W - 575600N 0072000W. Surface to FL 550.
3.2  Live Maritime Surface to Surface Gunnery should take place within published Danger Areas. Where this occurs outside of a Danger Area, the activity shall be notified by NOTAM.
3.3  Live Maritime Surface to Air Gunnery may take place in the Danger Areas listed in paragraph 3.4.1.
3.4  Danger Areas. All Danger Areas used by the exercise will be activated in accordance with the AIP or via NOTAM as required.
3.4.1 Increased air activity is to be expected in the vicinity of the following Danger Areas: D064 Complex, D113A-B, D117, D118, D201A-J, D203, D207, D307, D323 Complex, D402A-C, D403A-B, D405, D509, D510A-C, D513 Complex, D613 Complex, D701 Complex, D703, D712 Complex, D801, D802, D803 and D809 Complex.
3.5  Para Drop, Para Resupply and Rapid Air Landing will take place in both Controlled and Uncontrolled Airspace, within Military Training Areas, and at sea. All activity will be notified by NOTAM. Access to Controlled airspace is subject to ATC approval.
3.6  Close Air Support (CAS) will take place within some Danger Areas listed in paragraph 3.4.1. Live Air to Ground firing can be expected at D703, D802 and D803. Fast jet aircraft undertaking such activity will conduct high energy manoeuvres in support of ground formations and may be unable to comply with the Rules of the Air. Additional areas outside of Danger Areas may also be used for CAS and will be notified via NOTAM.
3.7  Jamming. All airspace users are to be aware that GPS, Radar and Communications jamming will take place at specified times in certain areas listed at Paragraph 1.4. GPS jamming may take place at Loch Ewe and Faraid Head (Cape Wrath). These will be activated by NOTAM as required. Further detail including maps of potentially affected areas will be provided in subsequent AICs and Jamming Warning Messages.

4 — Charts

4.1 The charts below depict the JW FJAs.

5 — Contact

5.1 Further information on serial timings and enquiries should be directed as below:
5.1.1 Prior to Exercise start. From 1 Feb 21 to 27 Apr 21 the JTEPS SO3 Battlespace Manager on 01923-958782 / 03001-645171.
5.1.2 During Exercise. From 28 Apr 21 to 20 May 21 the JTEPS SO3 Battlespace Manager on 01436-674321 Ext 6311. Out of normal working hours all calls should be directed to the JTEPS Battlewatch Captain on 01436-674321 Ext. 4372.