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Y 010/2021

Effective 08 APR 2021

8 APRIL 2021- 8 OCTOBER 2021

A 9-part Temporary Danger Area (TDA) complex will be established during notified periods from the 8 Apr 2021 to 8 Oct 2021. The airspace is required to facilitate trials and demonstrations of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Remotely Piloted Air System (RPAS) within the Search and Rescue environment. The Schiebel S-100 Camcopter will operate from Caernarfon Airport (EGCK). As the aircraft will be operating BVLOS and the Detect and Avoid capability will be under development, a TDA complex will be established to facilitate the safe operations within the specified areas.
The TDA complex consists of separate maritime and land complexes, each originating from EGCK. The maritime complex comprises a corridor tracking south west from EGCK with numbered sections leading to Operating Areas 1 and 2, detailed below.The land complex comprises a corridor tracking east south east from EGCK with numbered sections leading to Operating Area 3, detailed below.
The Danger Area will be activated on as-required basis and only for required duration to minimise the impact on other airspace users.
Activation of the TDA could take place between 0001-2359, 7 days per week, with actual dates and times of activation promulgated by NOTAM.
The Operating Authority for the TDA areas EG D398A-I will be RAF Valley. A Danger Area Activity Information Service (DAAIS)/Danger Area Crossing Service (DACS) will be available during ATC hours of operation from Valley Radar on 125.225 MHz and telephone number 01407-762241 ext. 7461.
Outside RAF Valley ATC operating hours, the Operating Authority for the TDA areas EG D398A-I will be Caernarfon Airport. A DAAIS will be available during ATC hours of operating from Caernarfon Radio on 122.255 MHz and telephone number 01286-830800.
Caernarfon AD Operations. Caernarfon Airport is strictly a PPR airport. When pilots contact the airport for PPR, they will be advised of the TDA activations and direct them to the Bristow’s website detailing the NOTAMs and TDAs in use. Aircraft may be requested to remain outside the ATZ until the RPAS has exited the ATZ into the relevant TDA.
Pilots should plan to contact RAF Valley on 125.225 MHz who will advise pilots of the status and usage of the relevant TDA. Access to the TDA by emergency services will always be given priority over UAV operations.
The TDA by their very nature, would not be permanently active but would instead be activated by utilising NOTAM. A NOTAM is an aviation specific notification system that is widely used and understood within the aviation community. This activation would occur a minimum of 24 HRS prior to use but in general would occur two-three days prior. This would therefore enable dissemination of the information through the standard NOTAM system.
10  Enquiries relating to the subject TDA should be directed to AR Ops 01293-768202 in the first instance.
11  Whilst there may be some impact to other airspace users, the TDA complex has been designed to minimise the impact to General Aviation operators who wish to operate in the vicinity. The airspace required will be kept under review to ensure only the volume required is activated and only for the minimum amount of time needed to safely complete the activities.


12  EG D398. When operationally required between 8 April 2021 and 8 October 2021, a TDA is established as follows:
NameDescriptionLAT LONG FT AMSL
EG D398ATransit Corridor530355.00N042531.00W2,000’
EG D398ATransit Corridor530508.00N042308.00W2,000’
EG D398ATransit Corridor530424.06N042156.89W2,000’
EG D398ATransit Corridor530304.72N042421.11N2,000’
EG D398ATransit Corridor530355.00N042531.00W2,000’
EG D398BTransit Corridor525946.23N043338.79W3,000’
EG D398BTransit Corridor530355.00N042531.00W3,000’
EG D398BTransit Corridor530304.72N042421.11W3,000’
EG D398BTransit Corridor525853.54N043225.18W3,000’
EG D398BTransit Corridor525946.23N043338.79W3,000’
EG D398CTransit Corridor525518.90N044220.03W3,000’
EG D398CTransit Corridor525946.23N043338.79W3,000’
EG D398CTransit Corridor525853.54N043225.18W3,000’
EG D398CTransit Corridor525424.65N044059.60W3,000’
EG D398CTransit Corridor525518.90N044220.03W3,000’
EG D398DTransit Corridor525223.63N044820.93W4,000’
EG D398DTransit Corridor525518.90N044220.03W4,000’
EG D398DTransit Corridor525424.65N044059.60W4,000’
EG D398DTransit Corridor525050.53N044820.26W4,000’
EG D398DTransit Corridor525223.63N044820.93W4,000’
EG D398EOperating Area One North530000.00N045321.00W5,500’
EG D398EOperating Area One North530000.00N044219.00W5,500’
EG D398EOperating Area One North525518.90N044220.03W5,500’
EG D398EOperating Area One North525223.63N044820.93W5,500’
EG D398EOperating Area One North525155.00N045321.00W5,500’
EG D398EOperating Area One North530000.00N045321.00W5,500’
EG D398FOperating Area Two South525223.63N044820.93W8,000’
EG D398FOperating Area Two South525050.53N044820.26W8,000’
EG D398FOperating Area Two South524659.00N044820.00W8,000’
EG D398FOperating Area Two South524612.00N045321.00W8,000’
EG D398FOperating Area Two South525155.00N045321.00W8,000’
EG D398FOperating Area Two South525223.63N044820.93W8,000’
EG D398GTransit Corridor530627.23N041658.77W3,000’
EG D398GTransit Corridor530546.00N041157.31W3,000’
EG D398GTransit Corridor530421.98N041223.68W3,000’
EG D398GTransit Corridor530506.35N041723.32W3,000’
EG D398GTransit Corridor530627.23N041658.77W3,000’
EG D398HTransit Corridor530546.00N041157.31W5,500’
EG D398HTransit Corridor530517.73N040826.67W5,500’
EG D398HTransit Corridor530353.78N040848.15W5,500’
EG D398HTransit Corridor530421.98N041223.68W5,500’
EG D398HTransit Corridor530546.00N041157.31W5,500’
EG D398IOperating Area Three - 3 NM radius530409.01N040351.00W5,000’ - 7,000’
Caernarfon ATZCaernarfon ATZ - 2 NM radius530606.98N042015.00W2,000’