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AIP Supplement United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service

AIP SUP 023/2020

Effective 07 MAY 2020


(a) All times are UTC.
(b) References are to the UK AIP.
(c) Information, where applicable,
should also be used to amend
appropriate charts.


1 — Introduction

1.1 As part of the Bombardier MRO construction project some of the taxiways and hold will be closed.
1.2 Some of the construction will take place on Taxiway Echo and the taxiway joining the K and L1 holds.
1.3 The work has been underway since early 2019 and is due to complete in March 2022.

2 — Operational changes

2.1 Taxiway Echo will be closed between the Echo hold and the K and L1 intersection.
2.2 The Lima taxiway will be closed at the L1 hold with no access to the Echo or Kilo taxiway, access to the Lima taxiway and southeast apron is via the L2 hold.
2.3 The Kilo taxiway will be closed at the K hold with no access to the Echo or Lima taxiways, access to the Kilo taxiway, AVGAS self-service fuel will be via the Alpha taxiway.
2.4 Both the Kilo and Lima taxiways are now cul-de-sac’s.
2.5 The Echo Taxiway Heli pad has been withdrawn from use.

3 — Further Information

3.1 For details of these works and any operational impact, contact:
3.2 Barry Sargeant, Head of Airport Operations, Tel +44 (0)1959-578514.