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AIC for United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service


Y 031/2020

Effective 07 MAY 2020


1 — General

1.1 As part of graduation parades at RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire, there will be a flypast by either a military fast-jet, multi-engine aircraft or helicopter. This AIC is only germane for the associated hold, run-in and departure of fixed-wing flypasts at RAF Halton.
1.2 RAF Halton Operations will notify flypasts to CAA Airspace Regulation ( or 01293-768202). Airspace Regulation will then issue a NOTAM. The NOTAM will include the telephone number at RAF Halton that will have information on the flypast situation on the day, and also a reference to this AIC.
1.3 Graduations at RAF Halton occur every 2 weeks; occasionally there are breaks for/following leave periods.
1.4 RAF Halton Operations personnel will co-ordinate the flypast on Air Ground Communication Radio (AGCS) ‘HALTON RADIO’ frequency 130.425 MHz.
1.5 The flypast is to be conducted in accordance with RAF Halton’s Standing Operation Order, obtainable from RAF Halton Operations (01296-656666 or 656367).
1.6 Holds and timings may be subject to change on the day; non-participating aircraft requiring updates should contact HALTON RADIO, or RAF Benson ATC 120.900 MHz.

2 — Fixed-Wing Hold

2.1 To allow for a precise time overhead the graduation parade, usually 13:30 LOCAL, the flypast aircraft will enter a hold, under the control of RAF Benson ATC. The suggested hold is shown in the chart below and is centred on Chalgrove Airfield, Oxfordshire.
2.2 The flypast aircraft will route at medium level and descend in the vicinity of RAF Brize Norton, before being handed over to RAF Benson to take up the hold. The hold will usually be flown between 1500 - 2000 FT AMSL.

3 — Flypast Route from Hold

3.1 The flypast aircraft will depart the hold and take up its own navigation for Halton, but usually route via the Initial Point (IP) Tetsworth, Oxfordshire (514213N 0005858W), tracking 067°T, aiming to be at RAF Halton at the required time.
3.2 On departing the IP, the aircraft will descend to the flypast altitude (not lower than 250 FT Minimum Separation Distance (MSD)). Fast-jet flypasts will normally be flown at 360 - 420 KT IAS.

4 — Departure

4.1 On completion of the flypast, the aircraft, if departing RAF Halton in VMC should avoid over flying built up areas below 2000 FT MSD and remain clear of controlled airspace. If the aircraft departs RAF Halton IMC it should turn left and climb on a northerly heading remaining clear of controlled airspace until contact is made with Luton Radar.