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AIC for United Kingdom

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Y 005/2020

Effective 13 FEB 2020


1 — General

1.1 Old Warden Aerodrome is the home to the Shuttleworth Collection of historic motor vehicles and aeroplanes. Almost all the collection’s aeroplanes are airworthy and fly throughout the year. This Circular is to bring to pilots’ attention the activities at Old Warden aerodrome, both on air display days and at other times, and to detail the arrangements for visiting aircraft.
1.2 For air display days, visiting aircraft must obtain a slot for their arrival by telephoning 01767-627901 or via e-mail; advance booking is advised. Do not expect an immediate reply to e-mail, however, a reply will be sent. You must receive a reply to confirm PPR approval; if in doubt, telephone. The sending of an e-mail does not confer automatic PPR approval.
1.3 Often last minute slots or cancellations are available and can be checked on air display days by telephoning Old Warden AFIS on 01767-627918. Pilots are particularly requested to cancel slots they are unable to make so that these may be made available to others.
1.4 Old Warden AFIS frequency is 130.705 MHz.
1.5 All pilots using Old Warden Aerodrome do so in accordance with the Pilot Terms and Conditions of Use which is available on the Shuttleworth website at
1.6 Warnings concerning the use of Old Warden Aerodrome, particularly regarding the wind gradient and vehicles using College Road, are contained in the UK IAIP section EGTH AD 2.20. These may be amended or supplemented from time to time and pilots should ensure they are possession of the latest information.
1.7 Sometime during 2020 the runway designation will change to 02/20; this is due to magnetic variation and a slight realignment. This change will be notified by NOTAM and will be incorporated in the UK IAIP. The current designation 03/21 is used in this AIC.

2 — Old Warden Display Airspace

2.1 An Aerodrome Traffic Zone, radius 2 NM and 2,000 FT AAL, is established for each air display and some other events; this is notified by NOTAM. The Temporary ATZ is shown on aviation charts.
2.2 Restricted Airspace (Temporary) will be established for the Sunday and Evening air displays, and the Flying Proms. This is usually 3 NM radius, up to 3,500 FT AMSL; however, it is essential that pilots consult NOTAMs in case dimensions are changed for a particular event. It is also emphasised that display practice often takes place outside the period of the RA(T).
2.3 Some Shuttleworth aircraft are limited in their manoeuvrability; others carry out high energy manoeuvres extending outside the dimensions of the ATZ, therefore pilots must be alert for this outside the RA(T) timings.

3 — Arrivals

3.1 Only Runway 03/21 is available to visiting aircraft, other runways are only available to Shuttleworth pilots. Pilots should ensure they correctly identify the runway in use; there is a signal square in front of the control tower. Pilots are to be mindful of their obligations regarding Rule 10(1) of the Rules of the Air Regulations 2015 pertaining to ‘landing after’ at NON-ATC aerodromes.
3.2 Only the northern 630 metres of Runway 03/21 is usually available, the extension, south of College Road, is only opened on air display days and certain other days but Old Warden AFIS will advise if different. DO NOT assume the extension is available unless you have positive information that it is. Vehicles and pedestrians may be using College Road when the extension is not available.
3.3 Circuit direction is right hand on Runway 03 and left hand on Runway 21. An overhead join is mandatory for non-radio traffic and all other traffic when Old Warden AFIS is not operating. Be alert for other traffic particularly Shuttleworth own aircraft, which may be non-radio and carrying out practice displays.
3.4 After landing, all aircraft should vacate the runway as quickly as possible consistent with safety. Do not backtrack the runway unless authorised. All aircraft landing Runway 03/21 are required to vacate initially to the north west.
3.5 Visiting aircraft will be parked on the flight line to the north west of the runway; this may include an area south of College Road. Old Warden AFIS will advise and provide taxi instructions.
3.6 Whenever possible, aircraft will be marshalled. Follow the marshallers’ instructions carefully; this will enable the maximum number of aircraft to be parked. However, the aircraft commander always remains responsible for the safety of the aircraft. Under no circumstances will pilots or passengers be permitted to remain with their aircraft during the flying display.
3.7 Display aircraft will be parked in an allocated position on the flight line.
3.8 In the event of a radio failure, pilots may continue inbound non-radio (overhead join mandatory). Use the signal square in front of the control tower and look out for light signals and other non-radio aircraft which may also be conducting a practice display.
3.9 All visiting aircraft MUST be on the ground by the Last Arrival Time which is usually 1200 UTC for displays that commence at 1300 UTC and display start time minus one hour for Evening Displays. Details will be available when requesting PPR or on the Shuttleworth web site.
3.10 Sometimes, in the period before the flying display starts, Shuttleworth aircraft may be flown for pilot conversion or continuation training which may involve a practice display. This will usually only last a few minutes and visiting aircraft may be asked to hold clear of the ATZ, particularly as some of the older aircraft require exclusive use of the aerodrome. Visiting pilot co-operation is requested.

4 — Departures

4.1 No departures are permitted during the flying display under any circumstances. Pilots should make allowances for display over-runs in planning the feasibility of their return flights. Sometimes a ‘departure window’ is built into the flying programme but visiting pilots should check this is the case if they wish to use it.
4.2 Pilots who wish to use the ‘departure window’, when one is available, should state their intentions at the time of booking in. The ‘window’ is time critical because of the necessity to continue the display afterwards and punctuality is essential. Pilots who see departures during a display should not assume there is a general approval for departures if the display has still time to run.
4.3 Pilots and passengers are not to return to their aircraft, via any gate, until told they may do so. Climbing over the crowd line fence is prohibited.
4.4 All visiting aircraft are to call Old Warden AFIS prior to taxiing from any parking position. Pilots of non-radio aircraft should book out in person prior to returning to their aircraft.
4.5 DO NOT cross the other runways without clearance from Old Warden AFIS as Shuttleworth aircraft may be using them. The airfield central area may also be active with Shuttleworth aircraft taking off and landing.
4.6 Aircraft taxiing for Runway 21 should continue to the holding point for the runway before carrying out power checks. Do not carry out power checks on the cross runway or in front of the control tower area as de-briefings following the display often takes place below the tower.

5 — General Flying Procedures

5.1 Pilots should operate their aircraft at all times to cause the minimum of disturbance to villages in the area of Old Warden. DO NOT overfly Home Farm to the east of Runway 03/21.
5.2 Old Warden is not connected to the AFTN and therefore does not receive Flight Plans. Pilots should nominate a Responsible Person who will alert the authorities in the event of non-arrival. Old Warden AFIS (01767-627918) can assist with flight planning but is usually only manned on display days.
5.3 Customs and Immigration facilities can be arranged but it is essential that details are sought at the time of booking an arrival slot.
5.4 The aerodrome is normally unlicensed but Rescue and Fire Fighting Equipment to RFF Category 1 is normally available on Display Days. Category 2 is available on request.
5.5 Old Warden has no navigational facilities or lighting.

6 — Flying on Non-Air Display Days

6.1 Visiting aircraft are welcome on non-air display days subject to the airfield state and PPR on 01767-627901. See the UK IAIP Entry (AD 2.EGTH-1-6) and the Pilot Terms and Conditions of Use for full details.

Appendix A

Event Days 2020

Þ Different arrangements will be in place for PPR for these events, details will be on the Shuttleworth website.
Monday-Thursday 6-9 April 2020Private Days - visitors by invitation only
Sunday 3 May 2020VE Day Airshow
Saturday 16 May 2020Evening Airshow
Sunday 7 June 2020Shuttleworth Flying Festival
Sunday 14 June 2020Private Event
Saturday 20 June 2020Biggles Evening Airshow
Sunday 5 July 2020Military Airshow
Saturday 18 July 2020Classic Evening Airshow
Sunday 2 August 2020The Shuttleworth Family Airshow
Saturday 15 August 2020The 23rd Flying Proms Concert
Friday 21 August 2020Charity Flying Day (deHMC event)Þ
Sunday 6 September 2020Shuttleworth Vintage Airshow
Friday 25 September 2020de Havilland 100th Anniversary Gathering of Moths (deHMC event)Þ
Sunday 4 October 2020Race Day Airshow

The above information is subject to change. There may be additional events/flying days arranged post publication and pilots should always consult the latest NOTAMs.

Model Flying Days

The airfield will be closed to all movements on the following days: Pilots transiting the area are requested to keep a good lookout and avoid overflying the airfield below 2000 FT.

Sat/Sun 9-10 May 2020

Sat/Sun 25-26 July 2020

Sat/Sun 19-20 September 2020

Arrangements for private based aircraft will be communicated separately.

VFR Routeing chart Appendix B