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AIP Supplement United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service

AIP SUP 040/2019

Effective 29 AUG 2019


(a) All times are UTC.
(b) References are to the UK AIP.
(c) Information, where applicable,
should also be used to amend
appropriate charts.


1 — Introduction

1.1 The purpose of this AIP Supplement is to detail the trial operation and incorporation of additional RNAV approach procedures for use at London Heathrow Airport. These procedures have been designed for all four runways at Heathrow, and incorporate the use of a 3.2° vertical path angle (VPA).
1.2 The new procedures detailed within this report are designed in accordance with ICAO Doc 8168 PANS-OPS – Volume II – 6th Edition – except where UK policy differs from the ICAO criteria.
1.3 In line with existing Approach with Vertical Guidance (APV) procedures in use at Heathrow, the trial procedures are based on GNSS and are defined by lateral navigational accuracy of ±0.3 NM.
1.4 All carriers that are RNAV 0.3 equipped and operate at Heathrow must have the additional RNAV approaches, detailed within this document, coded and available for use when the trial commences on 10 October 2019 at 00:00 UTC.
1.5 For the duration of the trial, crews should not expect to be cleared for the RNAV (GNSS) Z instrument approaches procedures.
1.6 The trial will introduce the following RNAV (GNSS) Y instrument approach procedures with a 3.2° VPA as follows;
  1. RNAV (GNSS) Y RWY 09R - Runway 09R ;

  2. RNAV (GNSS) Y RWY 09L - Runway 09L ;

  3. RNAV (GNSS) Y RWY 27R - Runway 27R;

  4. RNAV (GNSS) Y RWY 27L - Runway 27L .

1.7 Approaches will commence at the existing Intermediate Fixes (IF) and proceed to the new Final Approach Fixes (FAF) with minimum altitudes of 2500 FT AMSL. The FAFs will be new waypoints positioned along the extended runway centreline at a distance calculated to allow for a descent of 3.2° to 50 FT above the landing threshold.

2 — Purpose of the RNAV (GNSS) Y Instrument Approach Procedures Trial

2.1 The purpose of the trial is:
  1. To gain ATC and aircraft operator experience of RNAV 3.2° approach operations;

  2. To provide information on interactions between RNAV arrivals with an increased approach angle and existing traffic proximate to the aerodrome;

  3. To assess the suitability of design criteria for RNAV 3.2° procedures;

  4. If possible, to assess the environmental impact of RNAV 3.2° approaches upon noise reduction.

3 — RNAV (GNSS) Y Instrument Approach Procedure

3.1 The trial RNAV (GNSS) Y instrument approach procedures are appended to this Supplement together with the appropriate navigation database coding.
3.2 The trial will be conducted under CAT I conditions only.
3.3 Pilots wishing to take part in the trial should ‘Request RNAV Yankee’ on first contact with Heathrow Director.
3.4 The PAPI lighting system has not been modified, and remains set at 3.0°. Pilots should exercise caution when using the PAPI lighting system during the final stages of the RNAV (GNSS) Y approaches.
3.5 Missed Approaches are designed to be flown conventionally by applying the existing published missed approach procedures to minimise impact to ATC operations. Missed Approaches use conventional navigation aids and are not available without I-AA DME, I-BB DME, I-LL DME, I-RR DME, and LON DME.
3.6 Radio Communication Failure Procedures: In the event of a complete radio communications failure in an aircraft the pilot is to adopt the existing appropriate procedures detailed at ENR 1.1, paragraph 3.4.2 except as detailed at EGLL AD 2.22 5 Loss of Communications Procedures (arriving aircraft).
3.7 In the event that the required navigation equipment fails, the flight crew shall advise ATC that they can no longer continue with the procedure, or are unable to accept the procedure, using the phraseology:

4 — Air Navigation Order

4.1 For the Purpose of the trial these procedures are hereby notified for the purposes of Articles 84(1) and 85(1) of The Air Navigation Order 2016 and Regulations, CAP 393.

5 — Trial Implementation Date

5.1  This trial will be effective from 10 October 2019 at 0000 UTC to 07 October 2020 at 2359 UTC.


  1. The end of this trial may be subject to change due to data gathering requirements;

  2. There may be further occasions where, due to ATC workload, weather avoidance or extraordinary airfield issues, the trial may not be practicable, and requests for the RNAV (GNSS) Y RWY XX L/R may be refused;

  3. A NOTAM will confirm the dates and times of this trial, following which this Supplement and the associated procedures will be withdrawn.

6 — Trial Contact

6.1 Should any operator require further assistance please email NATS Heathrow and/or Heathrow Airport, Flight Performance at the following email addresses, quoting this AIP Supplement:


This Supplement replaces Supplement 010/2019.