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AIP Supplement United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service

AIP SUP 060/2018

Effective 22 NOV 2018


(a) All times are UTC.
(b) References are to the UK AIP.
(c) Information, where applicable,
should also be used to amend
appropriate charts.


1 — Introduction

This section supplements the following portion(s) of the AIP: NIL.

Major construction works will be taking place in airside and landside areas to construct a new taxiway, an eastern taxiway extension, a Direct Air - Rail Transit (DART) system, and multi-storey car park. There will be various phases of works taking place between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2021 involving taxiway closures and diversions.

2 — Scope of works

The works will be taking place adjacent to and affecting Taxiway Alpha, Taxiway Delta and Taxiway Bravo between B6 and B8. This will include the following:

  1. Construction of new taxiway surfaces and associated services .

  2. Tie in of new taxiways to existing taxiways and runway .

  3. Excavation and piling works during construction of the DART.

  4. Cranes and piling rigs will be operating in various locations .

3 — Control of works

  1. Construction site boundary fences constructed adjacent to Taxiway Alpha, Taxiway Bravo and Taxiway Delta; fences will be lit at night.

  2. Working heights of cranes and piling rigs will be limited to ensure no infringement of obstacle limitation surfaces. There may be times when greater working heights may be required, and these works will not be permitted during LVPs and promulgated by NOTAM or ATIS messages.

4 — Operational Impact

  1. ILS status may change due to WIP .

  2. Taxiway closures will be promulgated by NOTAM and ATIS messages .

  3. Section of Taxiway Bravo between B6 and B8 will be realigned, details will be promulgated in a separate AIP Supplement .