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AIP Supplement United Kingdom

Aeronautical Information Service

AIP SUP 025/2018

Effective 07 JUN 2018


(a) All times are UTC.
(b) References are to the UK AIP.
(c) Information, where applicable,
should also be used to amend
appropriate charts.


This section supplements the following portion(s) of the AIP: NIL.

For a period of up to 18 months, Stand 16 will be unavailable for use. The Stand 16 centreline will be relocated three metres to the west of the current position. A new stand, numbered Stand 19, will be established using the relocated centreline.

No stand guidance system is available on Stand 19 with all aircraft marshalled to their stopping position. ATC pushback approval must be obtained prior to commencing pushback onto Taxiway Delta.The standard pushback manoeuvre from Stand 19 is a straight pushback, perpendicular to the Taxiway Delta centreline.

The Bristow Helicopters Apron will also be expanded to incorporate Stand 19 and the boundary of the Critical Part security area will be marked between Stands 15 and 19.